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The Intended Parent's Podcast

Surrogacy From the Perspective of the Girl next door

A journey to Parenthood through surrogacy can be complex and challenging.

Stories in the media often sensationalise this route to creating a family offering little help or support to Intended Parents seeking parenthood through surrogacy.

As Mothers through surrogacy, Kreena and Fran (@100yearsinthemaking), joined forces to create 'The Intended Parent', a podcast dedicated to sharing real life surrogacy stories from the perspective of the girl next door. A simple guide to starting your journey through to its completion and the birth of 6 wonderful children. 

The podcast gained recognistion in 2020 when it was awarded a Bronze British Podcast award, and 2021 is also set to be a success. 

The second season of the podcast has been sponsored by Macmillan cancer support and will be released in the first half of 2021.

You can catch up on existing episodes here and on all your usual podcast hosting platforms:

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