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Look Good Feel Better

In January 2014, whilst in the midst of Chemotherapy, cancer support Charity Look Good Feel Better invited Kreena to take part in their 20th Anniversary campaign titled Warpaint4life.

It was this campaign that helped Kreena find her voice, that allowed her to speak openly about her journey through breast cancer, and ultimately, this campaign helped break down the walls she had built in order to help and support others walking in her shoes.

Kreena is now an Ambassador for the charity and years on is a member of the LGFB family.

The campaign was a huge success and featured in magazines, on billboards and on television.

Since then, Kreena has gone on to fundraise and publicly speak to help raise awareness of this incredible charity to helped her find a sense of normality when all that she knew had been stripped away from her through cancer.  Her voice and fundraising have helped provide support other women and men struggling with the physical side effects of a cancer diagnosis.

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