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About Me

Kreena Dhiman

Hi I'm Kreena!

I'm a British Indian girl with an extraordinary story.

I received a Breast Cancer diagnosis aged 33, and went on to suffer Acute Heart Failure, a side effect of Chemotherapy three years after treatment.

I felt very alone through my illnesses, the emotional and physical effects of cancer took their toll.  I began writing about my experiences initially for my own therapy, I find writing cathartic and key to my healing, however over time I realised that sharing my words could help others in the same position as me. From there my blog was born, and my Podcast The Intended Parent was launched.

I became infertile through both Cancer and Heart failure.  Having craved motherhood from a young age, and coming from a community that focuses heavily on procreation, this part of my journey was incredibly difficult.

Seven years on from the disease that changed my world, I've manifested my best life.

I'm in remission from Breast Cancer, my Heart is working well and most importantly I'm a Mother to four beautiful children.  All born through surrogacy.  My daughter Amaala was born in April 2018. She was the result of urgent IVF ahead of Chemotherapy and shares my genetics. My donor conceived triplet sons were born prematurely in the midst of a global pandemic in August 2020, they are the result of Surrogacy, egg donation and a Mother who would stop at nothing to make her dreams come true.

I share my story with grace and hope.  Hope that inspires another girl like me to break the social barriers that stand between her and the future she deserves..


I believe that we are our thoughts, and focus on a life of gratitude.  Gratitude for the darkness that helps us to remember the light, of the emptiness that reminds us what it is to be full and of the adversities that make us grateful for each sunrise.


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