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Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast

This week’s guest is Kreena Dhiman, who I met years ago at a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel.


Kreena received a breast cancer diagnosis aged 33, and went on to suffer acute heart failure, a side effect of her chemotherapy, three years after treatment. Before her treatment started Kreena underwent urgent IVF, although it’s clear from our conversation just how conflicting that process was for her.


Her daughter Amaala was born in 2018 via surrogate, and in 2020 she welcomed triplet boys.


In her words, ‘my donor conceived triplet sons were born prematurely in the midst of a global pandemic in August 2020, they are the result of surrogacy, egg donation and a mother who would stop at nothing to make her dreams come true.’


There was so much to talk about with Kreena, and I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy listening to her share her remarkable adventures into motherhood.

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