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Entry 1 - For You

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Dear Amaala

So often I have thought of dedicating my story to you, but never have I found the drive or heart to open up my most vulnerable self. In fact, it’s something I have struggled to do for many years. However, my darling, I have been on a journey, a journey where the destination was you, little did I know it at the time, but once, I was broken. Now, with you, I am whole.

As I write this first entry to you, I am thousands of miles from home, upon a mountain in Turkey, on retreat – Juicy Mountain.

We arrived late at night and I had laid my head to sleep, your muslin beside me to keep you close, and my heart called me to write, so here I sit, knowing that this is how this blog will flow. Through the sound of the voice inside of me, the journey, the story, my heart to yours.

Be a good girl for Daddy this week, sleep well, be free and remember, always, that Mummy loves you.

All my love, Mummy xxxx

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